This past week, we briefly stopped by the Norm Reeves Honda meet and met the owner of this beautiful Honda CR-Z. Coincidentally, he found our ad on Craigslist selling a used set of Advan RG2 wheels and ended up at our shop a few days later.

The Desmond Regamaster provides a classic look on any Honda.

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We recently attended The Pursuit 3: Presented by Longo Lexus which was held at Irwindale Speedway.

The Pursuit is an annual all Lexus meet and we supported by donating a $300 gift certificate towards wheel refinishing. This is enough to just about cover the cost of powdercoating or polishing on a full set of wheels.

I was talking with friends and potential customers all day so I didn't get a chance to snap pictures of all the cars there, but here's a few that I did capture.

Perfect example of a Japanese styled VIP car from Autofashion. Perfect fitment and wheel framing with the radiused quarter panel.

Milton's 350Z on Garson Deep Racing Ryugi that we recently did polished out to perfection.

Vertex USA brought out 3 great looking cars.

I liked this particular Lexus GS with a Car Make T&E kit.

Even though we were at a Lexus meet, it seems as if all makes were welcome. This Acura TSX belongs to a customer of ours. We re-lipped the rear wheels (and converted them to 20 hole for a cleaner look). With more of a drop and a painted lip, it would look excellent. I'm sure the owner has that on his list of things to do!

Walking around the meet put into perspective how many Lexus customers we've had! This Lexus IS350 with full OEM IS-F conversion belongs Mark Chen. We repaired the Volk Racing G2's and finished them off with a custom "Burning Black" powdercoat.

John Tao graced us with his new project car - an Infiniti Q45. He just recently purchased the car and already has it dropped on Powdered By Max coilovers with WheelFlip spec 19x12.5 rear / 19x11 front SSR Vienna Kreis. The wheels are custom sandwich mounted and even so, has a generous 6.5 inches of lip in the rear! He already has a few aftermarket suspension arms, but with a bit of massaging of those fenders, the wheels will tuck nicely under them.

That's a 275/30/19 stretched on the rear!

Vincent Shu's Lexus LS400 on re-lipped Kenstyle Locksmice Dukes.

Here you can see the owner in the background and his *future* wheels in the foreground. Vincent got incredibly lucky and won the WheelFlip raffle. We're already working on multiple sets of his so it worked very well in his favor and he's getting a huge discount!

As far as I know, this will be the first set of step lipped SSR Agle Strusse in the world. They are some of my favorite wheels so I set out to create a sick set for a sick car. Perhaps I should offer Omakase wheel building? I have already spec'd out wheel styles and specs for a few people so I wonder if others out there would be interested in such a service? :)

Our entire group already had our free In 'N Out meal as well as seconds and thirds - and before they were about to close down and leave, we were given 3 full boxes of cheeseburgers.

You can also see all the bags of Original Lays that got stacked up. To me, plain Lays are a last resort food.

Final shot of our small setup before teardown.

I got a chance to snap a couple of photos of Stephen Leung's sick Mitsubishi Evo X before we called it a day. As always, hit us up for unbeatable pricing on all Rays wheels!

It was a great event overall. See you next year and thanks to all of our current and future Lexus customers!

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I just wanted to share a picture of some freshly re-chromed Work VS-TX faces.

I personally think that these look way better than VS-XX and they're a lot harder to find as well. In the picture below, you can see that I threw a 19" step lip on top of a face. Who doesn't think that looks good? These faces also come with production badges that are placed around the outer face register (not pictured).

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This Mazda3 has been my daily driver for the past few months. It carries a ton of wheels and is fun to drive. Working mainly with multi-piece wheels makes me appreciate the simplicity of 1-piece wheels.

These are Volk LE37K mirror polished inside & out. One thing that many people don't know about is that 90% or more of all popular JDM multi-piece wheels have CAST aluminum faces. Pay close attention next time you see a fully polished 3-piece wheel. If the lips look shinier than the faces, then now you know why.

A fully polished, fully forged wheel like these Volks will come out similar to chrome.

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Here are some Auto Couture Magnifique which we lowered the offset on (only 2 pictured) and fully polished.

In other news, our marketplace is inching closer to being live. Look out for it!

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We were bored at the shop the other night so I called up a few friends to come down and kick it. Cracked open a few beers and took a few snaps. These are the result.

Photos by: Clifford Sutrisno -

2008 Mitsubishi Evo X on Volk Racing RE30 sized 19x11 +25 (+10 with spacers). WheelFlip is an authorized dealer for all Rays Japan products. Please contact us if you're interested in picking up a set.

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In celebration of our facebook fanpage surpassing 1000+ fans, we'd like to offer wheel polishing at a special discounted rate.

1 piece wheels up to 18" - $300 (includes chemical stripping)
Multi-piece wheels up to 19" - $380 (includes chemical stripping & labor)

That includes the faces, lips, and barrels. Any repairs are extra.

Polishing is a great way to restore the finish on old wheels as it's cost effective, beautiful, quick, and doesn't compromise strength as powder-coating can potentially do.

Contact us today for a quote via phone or our contact form.

P: 562-404-8900

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326Power started in the drift scene, moved over to VIP, and is now hitting euro cars.

This car is still a work in progress as you can tell by the unfinished exhaust, but it's on 326Power coilovers with 32kg rear and 12kg front (for comfort) spring rates. This allows you to ride low and still smash on your car at the same time... on Japan's roads at least.

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WheelFlip's own webmaster, Michael recently got his 2010 Candy White Volkswagen GTI fitted on gunmetal VMR V701 wheels.

We're an authorized dealer for all Ray's products but needed to offer something for the euro & lower end market. We also realize that rebarreling and heavy customization of wheels is only feasible for a small portion of car enthusiasts so WheelFlip now offers VMR wheels.

Michael's GTI is dropped with B&G RS2 coilovers and sitting on 18x8.5 +35 VMR V701's all around with 215 width tires.

Get in contact with us if you're interested in picking up a set of VMR wheels. We also offer redrilling for anyone wishing to put these on their JDM car.

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WheelFlip recently attended the Formula Drift event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We got a 10x10 vendor spot courtesy of Formula Drift. Since we had to drive everything over in our rental from the shop in LA, our display couldn't be too elaborate. We had to fit everything in the back of a Jeep Liberty rental.

We brought out our "Mugen M7 tower" and a pair of Work VS-XX. One is a typical 17" wheel that needed reconditioning and the other one we customized from 17x7 +47 to 18x12 +25 with new polished rim shells, a matte gold powdercoated face, and a rare "tuned by BSM" center cap.

Las Vegas doesn't really have a great tuning scene nor much shop support by comparison to California, but it's close enough that people would be willing to ship or drive their wheels out to us for work. The exposure alone made the trip worth it. It was easily over 100 degrees everywhere the entire weekend despite the thunderstorms and severe wind the night of setup day. Some of our staff even got pretty sick from the extreme heat which dampened our weekend quite a bit. One of us did come up pretty big in the casinos. :)

I will be writing a series of posts this upcoming week with pictures of the Fatlace Slammed Society portion of the show. I am a constructive critic by nature and I will admit that I have had to tone down or keep some opinions to myself, however people still do care about and/or love to read what I have to say to so be on the lookout for it!

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