WheelFlip is an authorized dealer for all Rays products! One lucky customer is getting a set of Volk TE37SL's for his E92 BMW M3 today. It's rare to see owners sticking with 18's when upgrading the wheels on their E92 M3, but we're excited to have pictures up when his car gets shot!


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Back again with shots of some HRE 595R faces done in our "Burning Black" powdercoat finish. You can see how flexible this color is in the sun and in the shade. We'll have more pictures up when the wheels are fully assembled.




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In all my experience refinishing wheels so far, the most commonly requested finish has been Work's "Burning Black" finish. Because that's a multi-step paint process, it's nearly impossible to replicate using powder. Burning Black is like a satin gunmetal color with a ghosting effect.

Recently, we experimented with a few techniques and finally have achieved a similar shade as well as the ghosting effect. Only, our finish is glossy so the color is super sick and reflective at all times. A few customers who came to drop off their wheels and caught a glimpse at our samples ended up choosing it, as you'll see in my next post.

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Not everyone has baller wheels unfortunately, and our business' daily bread and butter are still simple polish and powdercoat jobs. A customer recently brought by his brand new Tenzo R wheels and we coated them in a bright Kawasaki Green finish.

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A customer recently brought in his 19x11 SSR Professor MS1's. We flipped the face around and mounted it backwards so the original inner barrel became the new outer lip, and vice versa. This wheel is now 19x11 -12. We gave the lips & barrels a high polish and powdercoated the faces in gloss white.

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Nisei Showoff this year was a personal achievement. It kind of hit me during setup that I had my own 10x20 booth to "debut" the new WheelFlip, I had the debut of my new aero line - Hershey Brand, my own model, and most importantly, 10+ friends who were down to pay the hefty display fee to be there and support me.

Anyhow, here's some pictures that I've collected from scouring the internet. Hopefully my buddy Julian Morales gets a chance to go through his set soon.

The top of our "Mugen M7 tower"

Daniel's STI on 18x10.5 Volk Racing TE37SL

Thanh's Acura TL on HRE's

Matt's BBS LM's customized by us. 18x11 +25, true 3-piece modular build, and the only set in the world with reverse lips.

Sam Ip won a well deserved 1st place in the FG/FA/ES Honda Civic class! He is rocking 18x9.5 +25 Volk Racing RE30's that we redrilled from 5x120 to 5x114.3

Stephen's Evo X on 19x11 +25 Volk Racing RE30's which he purchased through us.

Arn Reyes' beautiful Acura Integra proudly wears the Hershey Brand front bumper with LED daytime running lights. I have to say that reaction has been nothing short of stellar. It may take some time for it to grow on the traditionalists, but I'm happy with everyone's reactions.

Vincent's LS400 on 19x12 +8 rear, 19x11 +8 front Kenstyle Locksmice Duke wheels which were relipped and fully polished by us.

WheelFlip model Tina. Since the foot traffic was light the entire day, I didn't have much for her to do so I had her pass out the trophies at the end. More on that later.

Brian Nguyen's Honda CR-Z who got his car ready for me at the last minute when I found out that my car wouldn't make it.

You can never go wrong with Mugen. Even if the style isn't in your taste, the fit and finish is perfect. It is equivalent to getting a factory piece, and they even come paint matched. I don't care what people say, Mugen parts are super stylish.

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Our customer Ky Nguyen just got his new suspension arms installed and rolled up the shop. We relipped his Leon Hardiritt Bugels, although his fenders hit the lips while driving.

Check out the camber reading! I measured -10 degrees up front and -9 in the rear at parked height.

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We added new 7" lips to a customer's 19" Work VS-XX transforming the wheel into a monstrous 19x13!

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Perhaps one of the most aggressive setups on a stock body LS400 to date.

A few weeks back, we completed the full relipping of Vincent Shu's Kenstyle Locksmice Dukes.

They went from 19x9 +46, 19x8 +45 to 19x12 +8, 19x11 +8 with everything refinished and mirror polished.

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Last weekend, our team brought out a small showcase to the new Spocom show at the Anaheim Convention Center. These types of shows are personally my favorite. Even though a lot of the cars are on the wild "extreme show car" side, I really enjoy them because they're indoors and the spectators just have a lot more fun. Aside from the cars, there's entertainment, LOTS of models, and go-go dancing at the stage. This equates to a lot of foot traffic for vendors. Overall, everyone is happier.

Antonio from Motor Mavens generously allowed me to take up a portion of his booth space. In return, I brought him Stephen's Evo X and Daniel's STI.

Here's Luigi's AP2 on custom 3-piece BBS LM's that we built. The specs are 17x10 +20 rear and 17x10 +25 front.

I also got a chance to see Erick Wei's AP1 in person. Even though I'm not a huge fan of trendy looking cars, I do have to give it up to him for driving this low. When I sold him those buddyclub coilovers a few months back, I did not expect him to come out with this. Props for being down to scrape the frame on every flat ground TURN.

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