WheelFlip recently attended the Formula Drift event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We got a 10x10 vendor spot courtesy of Formula Drift. Since we had to drive everything over in our rental from the shop in LA, our display couldn't be too elaborate. We had to fit everything in the back of a Jeep Liberty rental.


We brought out our "Mugen M7 tower" and a pair of Work VS-XX. One is a typical 17" wheel that needed reconditioning and the other one we customized from 17x7 +47 to 18x12 +25 with new polished rim shells, a matte gold powdercoated face, and a rare "tuned by BSM" center cap.


Las Vegas doesn't really have a great tuning scene nor much shop support by comparison to California, but it's close enough that people would be willing to ship or drive their wheels out to us for work. The exposure alone made the trip worth it. It was easily over 100 degrees everywhere the entire weekend despite the thunderstorms and severe wind the night of setup day. Some of our staff even got pretty sick from the extreme heat which dampened our weekend quite a bit. One of us did come up pretty big in the casinos. :)

I will be writing a series of posts this upcoming week with pictures of the Fatlace Slammed Society portion of the show. I am a constructive critic by nature and I will admit that I have had to tone down or keep some opinions to myself, however people still do care about and/or love to read what I have to say to so be on the lookout for it!

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