In this series, I'd like to share photos of beautiful wheel designs from Japan. Instead of bitching about replica wheels destroying our industry, I feel that the more optimistic approach of celebrating and spreading authentic wheels is more effective.

I can honestly say that we've worked on nearly every JDM wheel out there that people like to rock today. I have seen the areas that certain manufacturers cut corners. I have also gained a whole new respect for Volk monoblock wheels and I believe they are a step above the competition... but that's a blog post for another day.

Today, I'd like to share some propaganda for the K-Break Hybreed Fivesta. This wheel is a relatively late release (2010?) but utilizes a classic 5-spoke center mated to a euro step-lip. I personally think that step lips are more visually appealing than reverse lips.

K-Break has not paid for this post, though I would gladly accept payment in form of ground up Fivesta faces so I can sprinkle the shavings in my lunch. (Credit goes out to Yuta Akaishi for that suggestion - it really spices up your food!)

The Fivesta is a perfect blend of race aggressiveness and classy style. It even has immeasurably perfect spoke sharpness and face curvature. It is perfection.

The only downfall? With the miserable yen rate, you're going to pay around $4500-$5000 for a set. Start saving.

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