Work Vsxx 18x9.5 +28, 18x9.5 +26, 5x114.3

Listed November 1, 2017 by Juan L. in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Front: 18x9.5 +28, Rear: 18x9.5 +26

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3


I special ordered these wheels back in February, they took about 6 months for work in Japan to actually make them. The shop I ordered them from has them in California now. I paid half and since I sold the car they were going on, I can't use them on my new car. I haven't paid the rest because I Don't have the extra money to spend on them to just sit in my garage. Someone buy these and I'll have them shipped directly to your house no extra charge. If you are serious I'll show you the invoice and everything. You can even confirm with the company that they have them.

Front 18x9.5 / +28 / 5x114.3 (White R-Disk) Black Bolts2.44 inch Lip

Rear 18x9.5 / +26 / 5x114.3 (White O-Disk) Black Bolts3.43 Inch Lip

Price $2,750.00
Shipping (East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) $0.00 Buyer will allow local pickup.