BBS LM 18x10 +5, 18x11.5 -25, 5x114.3

Listed November 20, 2017 by Robby R. in Seattle, Washington


Front: 18x10 +5, Rear: 18x11.5 -25

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3


Up for sale are a set of BBS LM’s that have been completely refinished.

Front pair is the original 2pc BBS LM wheel that was stripped of the clear coat and lips polished. Faces were blasted with prismatic ultra black chrome w/ clear topcoat and reverse mounted to the original barrels. 24k gold hardware with new valve stems.

Final spec: 18x10+5

Rear pair was custom made into a 3pc wheel. 4.5” lip and 7” barrel for a total diameter of 11.5”. Faces were blasted and machined to be reverse mounted into the new barrels. Features the same ultra black chrome and clear Powdercoat with 24k hardware and new valve stems with black/gold BBS center caps.

Final spec: 18x11.5-25

Bolt pattern is 5x114.3


Serious inquiries only.

Price $4,500.00 Buyer will accept other offers.
Shipping (Seattle, Washington) $275.00 Buyer will allow local pickup.