SSR Formula Mesh 17x9 -0, 17x10 +13, 5x114.3

Listed May 12, 2018 by Brandon B. in Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Front: 17x9 -0, Rear: 17x10 +13

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3


Accepting reasonable offers, and only trades I would consider would be a set of Panasport c5c2 in basically any size or a square set of CE28N in 18x10.5 +18.

Wheels are in great shape. Just picked up the other day (May 9) from the wheel repair shop (not WheelFlip) where I had them redo the outer barrels. The centers only have a couple imperfections in the paint, and really aren't noticeable, so I didn't have those worked on at all. Tires have not been mounted on them since refurbishing.

As you'll notice in the pictures, I did a real half-ass cleaning job on these, I can't find my little stick brush tool that I normally use and my index finger is killing me. The fronts are especially dirty, but a little elbow grease and BAM! They'll look great. Sick S13 fitment with a nice roll.

Also in the pictures, a couple wheels don't have valve stems, I'll have them on when sold.

The picture with my finger is pointing out the worst of the imperfections on the lip. I already had to resend my wheels to this place because I wasn't happy, and I had to wait almost six months to get them back. They were fair with fixing them the first time, but I'm just not dealing with them anymore, I'm over it. There are two other small nicks that they didn't fix like I asked, but you can only see them up close. I also have high standards when it comes to stuff like this. I have more pictures of the other tiny spots I will gladly email.

Price $2,500.00 Buyer will accept other offers.
Shipping (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) $300.00 Buyer will allow local pickup.