Work Emotion T7R 18x9.5 +22, 18x9.5 +12, 5x114.3

Listed September 4, 2018 by Jordan F. in Bristol, Tennessee


Front: 18x9.5 +22, Rear: 18x9.5 +12

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3



These are less than a year old. I bought them used from a friend a couple months ago and ended up buying new wheels.

1 has a couple small chips but no rash or curb marks. The other 3 still look really good.

Not looking for any trades unless it is a pair of Model 5 or TE37 in 17’s. Plus cash on your end.

Price $1,300.00
Shipping (Bristol, Tennessee) $200.00 Buyer will allow local pickup.