Auto Strada Modena 17x8.5 +32, 17x9.5 +38, 5x114.3

Listed November 2, 2018 by Bryce H. in Salt Lake City, Utah


Front: 17x8.5 +32, Rear: 17x9.5 +38

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3



Decided to let my set of Modenas go. Great original condition staggered, step lip set. Wheels are 5x114.3. Fronts, mid/high disc faces(clears large brake calipers,) 17x8.5, offset 32 mm, 1.5” lips, 7” barrels. Rears, low disc faces, 17x9.5, offset 38 mm, 2.5” lips, 7” barrels. All wheels are face mount. All center plates, center caps, hex nuts, and safety pins are present and in good condition. One hex has some chewed up threads, but still spins on and off and works as intended. Each wheel has been spun and any slight bends or issues have been professionally remedied. Wheels are very original and could be ran as is, or refinished to perfection. 90 degree valves are included as well. Flat hub back pads if interested in a second lug pattern/redrill. $1700 shipped to the lower 48. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Price $1,700.00
Shipping (Salt Lake City, Utah) $0.00