Weds Kranze Bazreia 18x8.5 +34, 18x9.5 +38, 5x114.3

Listed January 28, 2019 by Gabe W. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Front: 18x8.5 +34, Rear: 18x9.5 +38

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3


18x8.5 et34
18x9.5 et38
2.5" lips

True hotboi wheels in their original chrome finish. They're dirty in the pictures, but shine up nicely. It was chilly and I was short on time.

Picked these up from a friend a while back for my FC, but that car is in down mode and the STI needs wheels.

I'd give them an 8/10. Chrome has a few imperfections, but truly nothing major. All 4 are straight, no bends or cracks, and they hold air well. Have all 4 center caps in good shape.

Nankang NS-20 215/40 tires are mounted all the way around. ($352 from Discount Tire). Stickers are still on (so they're perfect for your next stance photoshoot) and they've never been driven on.

Asking $2200 with tires, $2000 without. I'd prefer to sell with tires mounted, as it's less headache.
Shipping is at the buyer's expense. I'd likely use this method: to keep your costs at a minimum.

*The shipping cost included here on Wheelflip was a guess. I would charge separately for shipping after that cost has been determined, but I'd sure hope it's under $300.*

I'll trade for something 18x10 or wider or sell outright. (All 4 wheels must be the same width, slightly varying offsets would be fine.)

Re-lipping math done for you:
18x10 square would yield:
• 18x10 +19 rear, 4" lip
• 18x10 +31 front, 3" lip

18x10.5 square would yield:
• 18x10.5 +12 rear, 4.5" lip
• 18x10.5 +25 front, 3.5" lip

If you're interested, please text me at 262-442-3086. If this ad is up, I've still got 'em.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions. I'm very upfront and honest, and will happily chat with serious buyers.

Price $2,000.00
Shipping (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) $300.00 Buyer will allow local pickup.