SSR FORMULA MESH 13x8 -12, 13x9 -0, 4x100

Listed October 27, 2020 by Jordan F. in Bristol, Tennessee


Front: 13x8 -12, Rear: 13x9 -0

Bolt Pattern: 4x100


Front: Achilles 122 175/55/13 @ 70%
Rear: Achilles 122 175/55/13 @ 70%


Selling an original set of SSR formula mesh. These have never been rebuilt and are OG spec. Can include 175/60/13 tires (WHEELFLIP ONLY OFFERED UP TO 55 SIDEWALL FOR POST).

These are in perfect condition. I sold the car and no longer need these.


Price $1,850.00 Buyer will accept other offers.
Shipping (Bristol, Tennessee) $150.00 Buyer will allow local pickup.