On the day of the 2013 JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show) here in Southern California, we finished up two beautiful sets of classic wheels.

Here we have a set of Mugen M7 that has been re-barreled from 15x6.5 to 16x8 +20. Surprisingly, our client plans to mount these on his S2000 F22C1 swapped 1985 Mazda RX7. This is not too different from the other 3-piece M7 conversions we've done in the past. These received .190 thickness 6061-T6 custom tooled rim shells as well as brand new M7x1x31 Class 10.9 bolts and Dacromet coated nuts.

For anyone else interested, we have the ability to turn these 15's into not only wider 15's, but 16's or even 17's. In all cases thus far, the wheels have been significantly lightened and strengthened despite being made wider and larger. Further weight reduction is possible with the use of titanium wheel bolts.

Next up... and interesting set made up of two pairs. The owner picked up a set of 15x6.5 SSR Longchamps where two were XR4 models and two were XR4S which has larger centers, a top mounted center, and twice as many bolts.

These were re-barreld to 15x9.5 -25 rear (XR4S) and 15x9.5 -19 front (XR4). After carefully splitting the pieces by cutting through the weld, we back-mounted the XR4S in order to get the backspacing close to the fronts. This allowed the customer to achieve his desired fitment by purchasing only four pieces, rather than six or eight thereby nearly halving the cost. Not only that, but the originally top-mounted XR4S now look a lot more similar to the XR4's. After assembly, we welded up the rim shells - a necessity due to the small number of rim bolts. Silicone was then laid on top sort of as an "insurance" to really make sure these don't come back. :)

We'll be sharing more projects in the upcoming weeks - it's been a priority to consistently update the blog.

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