While our primary business has shifted focus towards wholesale rim half distribution, we still offer some wheel services. At this moment, we are using discretion in what we take on, but please do not hesitate to ask!

Replacement Lips & Barrels

  • Our main business is in the wholesale supply of custom lips and barrels. We can provide replacements and custom sizes for the majority of 3 piece wheels out there from 13" through 20". Please use the contact form to inquire.
  • Wheel Resizing

  • At this moment, we are only re-lipping and re-barreling modular wheels. That includes any wheel where the center can be unbolted. We are being selective on all 2pc. welded wheels and custom 1pc. to 2pc. conversions.
  • Custom Machine Work

  • Enlarging the center bore runs $40 per wheel.

  • Back Pad Shaving (Up to 5mm) is $40 per wheel
  • Redrilling / Fill & Drill

  • Redrilling & Inserting is for small bolt pattern changes, ie: 5x120 -> 5x114.3
  • $200 per set
  • 1-2 weeks lead time

  • Fill & Drill is for major bolt pattern changes, ie: 5x114.3 -> 4x100
  • $300 per set
  • 2-3 weeks lead time
  • Wheel Refinishing

  • Bend & curb rash repair is quoted on a per case basis.
  • This may require disassembly and reassembly on multi-piece wheels.
  • We do not repair cracked wheels.
  • Wheel Polishing

  • High polish, may require chemical stripping.
  • Pricing is $35 per lip, and $400 per set (1 piece wheels). Please contact us with your specific inquiry.
  • Powdercoating

  • Highly durable finish in a wide range of colors. Will require chemical stripping.
  • Pricing starts at $400 for a set of faces or $450 for 1 piece wheels.
  • Chrome Plating

  • Please contact us for pricing.
  • Please visit the online store to purchase (or browse) for parts.